Offsite Storage

BCP Ltd safeguards important documents for Companies, Individuals, schools, churches and NGOs in order to assure the business continuity.

Information is a key resource for all enterprises from the time information is created to the moment it is destroyed.

Effective assurance in regards to offsite storage help organizations reduce risk of data manipulation or tampering, service disruption, loss or leakage, and poor management of IT systems (Often real time data replication link is not reliable; account balances for customers might not be ascertained when disaster strikes) whilst assuring shareholders and stakeholders the Business Continuity; thus, Business Continuity Plan Ltd stores offsite copies of organization’s important documents, CD , and tapes such as:

- Contracts:
— Insurance Policies or Contracts,
— Loan Files(Treasury, Equipment, Consumer, Mortgage, finance lease)
— Investment Contracts (Deposit, Treasury bills, Call Money Contracts)
— Contingent Liabilities Contracts (Letter of Credit, Bid Bond, Performance Guarantee, Advance Guarantee, Custom Bond and Payment Guarantee)
— Service Levels Agreements

Other documents are:
- Certificates(Wedding, Birth, School and Others)
- Photographs
- Memorandum of Understandings
- Annual reports
- Business continuity plan processes
- Books
- Films
- Degrees
- Family tree
- Back-ups (external hard drive)
- Succession plan, etc…

Mode of Payment for our services:
Flexible payment arrangement is available: you can subscribe for a monthly, quarterly and yearly payment please contact us for more information