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Upcoming Training: TAX COMPLIANCE TRAINING - 23rd June 2017


• Tax compliance means full understanding and implementation of tax regulation and submission of relevant information to the tax authorities timely and in the required formats. Tax compliance assures business continuity by assuring business stakeholders of any uncertain decisions that may arise from tax authorities. It enables national planning through public revenue.
• The International accounting standards 12 talks about the need of having an accounting treatment for income taxes. The principal issue in accounting for income taxes is how to account for the current and future tax cost.
• The Business Continuity Plan ltd, the premier consultancy firm that assures business continuity throughout generations by offering board and management restructuring, funds management, offshore storage facilities and capacity building in conjunction with key partners is pleased to invite you to this once a year to an interactive tax compliance training seminar that shall take place in June 2017. Participants shall get the opportunity to raise concerns to key tax. The seminar will have facilitators from the tax advisors, tax authorities, local leadership as well as the business community.
The following areas will be covered;
• Tax Business continuity in Rwanda
• Tax compliance vs business continuity
• Tax planning and tax planning techniques
• Role of tax authorities in ensuring total tax compliance
• Tax liability as a business responsibility

Date: 23rd FRIDAY JUNE 2017
FROM 8.00AM -5.00PM

Please Call +250 788 303 190 or Send email to: nyirankera@yahoo.fr/ agnesn@thebusinesscontinuityplan.com to receive the Application Form and the Agenda


Information is a key resource for all organizations, from the time information is created to the moment it is destroyed; in addition, soft skills and long time experience are lacking for sustainable business continuity.

Despite the fact that investors are willing and capable of financing their businesses, putting in place strong structures and good leaders; they are still worried about their Business Continuity to the point of depressing or dying with heart attack.

The fact is that 80% of businesses affected by a major incident either never re-open or close within 18 months and the good news is 94% of organisations who have invoked their business continuity plans agreed that they had significantly reduced the impact of the disruption (Source, Axa). Andrew: The AXA 2007 report.

The Business Continuity Plan Ltd (BCP Ltd) has come with innovative ideas of responding to shareholders and stakeholders worries just by improving the way organisations plan their Businesses Continuity by offering a range of services

BCP Ltd has its presence in Rwanda, Congo, Burundi and Nigeria; however, its services are already extended to all African countries while planning to grow and have presences in most African countries in the near future.

Change management in the way we keep, protect and project our businesses necessitate improvement in Rwanda, Africa and the entire world ; resistance to change management in regard to the business continuity is predictable; however, an informed Managing Directors or Chief Executives want to make happy shareholders and stakeholders; these will take advantage of services offered by Business Continuity Plan Ltd and explore all possible benefits of assuring the continuity of the businesses in their respective organisations.

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